Saturday, 26 October 2013

Comfortable cotton karen millen dress

Some want to dress cool , choose cotton material must be true . Cotton material is soft and comfortable, skin feel good , you can always help you to flush out the body absorb sweat and let your skin clean and fresh . Blue and white stripes appeared to be very clean and fresh, very casual , girls think if there would seem to wear upper body fat, take the pieces small karen millen coats cover up the worship of meat . Digital designs, go casual sporty , more relaxed version of the type , even plump girls can also wear , upper body relaxed, at the foot of the shoes you need to choose a simple point, and can be used with beaded clip toe sandals.

Big karen millen skirt , the fabric is sewn stitching , so looks very layered and three-dimensional , not too stuffy . With a thin vest and black sandals with super Fashion 's . Slim cotton karen millen dresses, you need to build a better girls wear, body curves and reveals a little bit of small fat can be seen clearly , the use of an elegant nude color, 25 cooked girls wear very significant temperament. Tie-dye is very popular this year , tie-dye pattern climb at the neckline , will gather passers-by look into your sexy clavicle Oh, right seven minutes length , exposing the legs, you can lengthen your figure, look tall and up .

Dark blue and white mix , great naval Feeling, refreshing. Ride with the yellow shoes , dynamic and lovely. With short-sleeved hoodie would be great , but the choice had to be a short paragraph styles will be out of color. Dress with feminine. Fabric is super soft and smooth , wide karen millen skirts drooping naturally , to create a sense of light , very cool . With retro colored sandals, add a sub elegance.

Chest rainbow patterns, so casual dress is also a sweet, cute piercing wind . If you have this karen millen dress , it may match what color beads necklace , or bind very popular this year headdress , so you transformed into a princess. Wind cotton skirt with Party . Material with a bit reflective elements ,karen millen skirt huge , even dancing rotation do not feel cumbersome. With exquisite beads long necklace to wear to Party nor were reckless.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Influx Of People Enjoy The Warm Style Of Contented Karen Millen Skirt

Low makeover, since it has nothing can stop the temptation to karen millen coats the woman , and perhaps inevitably bystanders heart whispered , a woman wearing a karen millen skirt then why is it so , I can only say , well, in fact, you do not understand a woman's heart, the karen millen of the woman , not just beautiful fashion to visual and spiritual impact and satisfaction , but it is more time to consider it not only highlights the advantages of stature , but also to make up for lack of practical value acquired . Fun visual impact , highlighting the advantages of stature , clever use of mixed colors and fight materials , elegant two-pronged counter-attack , so fashionable blurred nowhere to run , simple PU lines, with a little valiant cleverly intellectual elegance and urban gorgeous texture, do not follow the crowd pushed to a new high .

The highest non- gold, although it is placed in fashion is not derogatory praise not embarrassment, but look at the details you know will still leave it eclipsed elegant , black woolen three-dimensional stitching, a breakthrough in the flow line pure tone monotonous defects that may exist, silhouetted against the waist opening and cooperation between the more graceful has caused. Because they have the privilege of the young , tender and not wild youth to Variety , three-dimensional look casual , red and blue sweater with three-piece , each has a different perspective of taste , either you want to show karen millen skirt sweater playful beautiful British romantic, sweater vest or shorts to the passion and vitality, can come to a youthful magic big run .

Want to achieve a win-win fashion elegance and romance , there is no point heart really careful of not, the color of deep and shallow impact , giving flowers is simple but complicated and not chaos left a gentle restrained elegance space , however, , heavy quality is low-key luxury most intriguing place . Let organza pure and romantic smooth the way , Dawn of the seasons , is no longer ignorant girl affair , but the fashion version of Mary , so thick woolen elegant romantic retreat from behind , so that mapping into the eyes gleaming brilliance for full record organza pretty pure.

The workplace is the most reluctant to reject the pure black and elegant, but not the slightest dressed simple flow lines , like the collar of the big range of children to do the Royal Women 's fashion bedding , with contrast color stitching cuffs with the same color thin belt introverted intellectual dignified atmosphere, highlighting Jiao good physique does not flow in the sexy enchanting. The classic red and blue , the transmission of British culture retro romance, one spell woven raglan design , both the fashion shrug meant potential , but also to heighten the knitting Slim 's soft and big, however , leaving fashion but it is superior to the classic princess karen millen dresses above the fold , with the knitting really called to express whimsy . Fall Favorites A word swing , it's not just big yards female voices repair mask stature of fashion , but most girls dream of lazy clear , fine stitching Plaid Vest supplemented oversized rabbit outside patch pocket delicate, rich increase the degree of visual texture sweet and playful , shape and color of autumn and winter double elimination of heavy dark lines , but also a fun relaxed body and mind . Urban fashion girls that have exquisite taste , stylish texture, and even hit the color stitching Fun does not flow in the cliche, though at the same time a unique blend of mainstream fashion pink orange black ternary color , but in addition to the proportion of perfect harmony , a small incense wind tolerant, that is a unique and elegant warmth .

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Karen Millen Dresses Is Not Beauty

Able to play the leading role of the karen millen dresses will appear only in the summer , an autumn and leggings will inevitably have to deal with other single product . Thick autumn sleeveless karen millen dress even be impossible alone , in addition to outside Leggings also need to have bottoming shirt fit. Layered outside layering owned non- comparable one-piece models , but also be able to have a rich mix changes . Houndstooth pattern is a familiar example of light , black and white interpretation of the classical. Has been hiding in the coat and the light of day without the basic sweater sleeveless dresses can be seen under -saving opportunities. Dimensional fold karen millen skirt, which was dignified and elegant.

Pure sweet or hot are not purely symplectic sweet new pop up more attractive, the combination of sweet and soft and domineering , perhaps feeling. Leopard used in high waist karen millen dress had this spicy and delicate taste , with sweater knit cardigan blouse or better . Not to be optimistic couple fruition , as seemingly do not take out the stunning color combinations visual effects . Very woman's pink and slightly neutral black is one pair of very impressive typical partner , with firmness and flexibility temperament surprise people .

Meandering squid as innumerable twists and turns of the delicate mind , very appropriate for women . Slim cut highlights the waist curve , but not too tight , not the perfect body type does not cause stress. Eye-catching red in the second half of motivating tired while bursting out confidence. The unique combination of fabrics and colors to create a top grade temperament , low-key with the perfect combination of luxury , large woman's elegant all in one. Waist A-line karen millen skirt occlusion conducive belly fat legs have been stretched legs bring out the fiber type . Building blocks to geometry stitching color generally , lack of natural building a sense of atmosphere and a sense of design . Combination of human aesthetics , color and shape are beneficial position physique modification, the closing is the closing of the display is remarkable , clear and graceful curves .

Ultimately, it seems simple solid color karen millen dresses beading decoration, they are not caught in minimalist pale sense be raised. Gray reflects urban white-collar low-key approach , the visual focus to slowly accumulated temperament rather than costumes. Bright starlight fabric Tyrant hot nowadays is a great luxury gold momentum, but not too much to show off high above . Waspish waist cut that reveals , there are three-dimensional fold foil skirt slim waist become increasingly slim . Sequined karen millen skirt net yarn lace stitching , luxury doubled. Intermingled with silk tweed own some sense of luxury , superior fabrics been apparent since significant . A-line cut reduces woolen mature atmosphere, the girls are given for the light cooked implied. Full rounded neckline elegant pearl embellishment , conceal delicate femininity. Red and black color irrepressible big woman breath gushing out , confident feelings. Small leather stitching into the tough temperament , capable Fan children more vivid. Low-waist karen millen skirt remarkable elegance, both sides grasp fold as few strokes inadvertently applied , delicately tenderness.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Karen Millen Dress Enchanting Leisurely Now

Distant aunt in Switzerland in the micro -Bo show a few recent photos , dressed in long karen millen skirt vigil in the back garden of the gallery frame under thirties man, mother of two children , but still maintained a graceful posture and pure as the girl's smile, shoulder-length straight hair silhouetted against a soft intellectual face , happiness as the sun around her , looking very heart was touched . "Reading , sports, love themselves and others , to maintain enthusiasm for life " under the photo attached aunt passage, and I had been single since waist a mature woman who read all OK . Female body structure has been doomed you will have S-shaped curve , as long as pay attention to maintaining , if a period of time do not exercise or eat a little too much , do not need to worry too much, choose some styles both Slim another type of dress to wear it, jacquard fabric thick crisp, easily shaped , waist lace designs coupled with easily create a convex body, gorgeous colors more prominent atmospheric field of your ladies Fan .

As a karen millen dresses control and see it appear on the neckline so chic heart children will immediately be it rein . Elegant style , sweet and innocent , woolen material thickness is moderate, autumn worn alone wise choice . Combined with the fold belt waist highlight the charm , the winter has it inside the ride is also very big fan . Velveteen fabric soft skin-friendly , warm hanging along , but also exudes a gorgeous sheen , coupled with diamond embellishment will be on a good grade advancement exhaustive. Edition type waist , round neck elegant Puff aesthetic elegance, comprehensive interpretation of retro ladies wind, so where you are as compelling as the Queen .

Liangsi material to make the whole karen millen asos are like in the dissemination of the slightest glimmer , like stars in the night sky in the blink of an eye , dressed up like a star you like attention. V-neck achievement slender neck and pointy little face . Closing pockets hip version of the type to bring out the natural flow of female curves become increasingly posture when walking enchanting. Vivid peacock print as it brings powerful gas field and the wild beauty to behold , waist lace stitching and just a small pot cover for your dress to enhance the taste and confidence. Mosaic -style sleeves eased gaudy skirt body , so that the overall three-dimensional and more fashionable .

Silk has always been known as a symbol of elegance , and secondly in the karen millen dress is also very smooth and comfortable , leopard pattern adds to its king. Show retro palace lantern sleeve dignified gentle wind , with round neck matched to create a good temperament ladies intellectual perception , wide karen millen clothing flapping in the wind , the perfect interpretation of femininity . Ingenious composite hollow lace embellishment showing a picture of flowers in full bloom , gorgeous , stunning too confusing. Lower body using the hit color stitching, coupled with package hip design will outline was particularly slim waist willowy , 360 highlighting the exquisite female figure . Hem gradually relaxed , waist tightening convex stature rendered immediately . Breast butterfly patch exhibition personality , cotton fabric texture is also unique as it brings little dramas . Collar dignified, restrained, formal and casual sense of coexistence , worn alone or inside the ride is equally impressive.